The New Standard for Musculoskeletal ESWT

The original electrohydraulic ESWT technology that others are still trying to beat!

Enables Fastest Recoveries

Optimized for medical practice and sports team use.


Profile utilizes SANUWAVE’s PACE technology, the most advanced and proven shock wave technology available. Helps patients recover from painful and challenging musculoskeletal injuries and conditions at record speed, noninvasively and affordably!

Profile is in use at top medical clinics across the USA, including, Orthopaedic, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.

In use at numerous Professional and collegiate sports teams, including Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, Cleveland Guardians, San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, UCLA Bruins and more on the way … including MLB, NBA and NFL, as well as top collegiate athletics and orthopaedics departments.

AcousTek’s experience with Electrohydraulic ESWT in Professional and Collegiate Sports is unmatched.

Patients get out of rehab and back to their game in record time.

Contact AcousTek now to bring the future of medicine into your practice today!

AcousTek is the exclusive Distributor for the Sanuwave Profile in North America.

Elite Performance at a Price That Makes Sense

ROI is outstanding and will likely surprise you. A proven profit center for practices from coast to coast.
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Perfect for all medical Practices

Enables fastest recoveries from chronic and acute injuries. Proprietary Swiss engineering is the key to optimized performance. Sanuwave pioneered electrohydraulic Li-ESWT.
Call for a demo and experience what your practice has been missing.

When fast recovery is top priority!

Stand Apart From The Crowd

People from all walks of life benefit from SANUWAVE Therapy

AcousTek’s Sanuwave Profile

AcousTek’s Sanuwave Profile delivers non-invasive game-changing advantages for healing and recoveries of the human body:

  • Profound and fast sustained relief of discomfort at treated areas is typical.
  • Sustained improvement of blood flow.
  • Validated to recruit and activate endogenous stem cells.
  • Remarkably fast recoveries.
  • Non-traumatic to tissue and cells
  • Wide-focus 3-D energy pattern treats much larger volume of tissue per pulse, attaining highest clinical efficiency.
  • Typically 3 applications is sufficient.
  • More tolerable to patients than other devices.
  • Response-Guided Treatment (RGT) directs application precisely to pain-originating areas. No need for imaging or trigger point references.
  • Patented hydraulic system is far simpler and more reliable than competitive electrohydraulic devices.
  • Significantly quieter operation!
  • Higher clinical & economical efficiency.
  • Top choice of many sports legends, active and retired.
  • Has helped thousands heal and recover in record time.​


There is a growing body of published peer-reviewed scientific literature validating mechanisms of action at molecular and cellular levels with wide-focus Low-intensity Electrohydraulic ESWT. SANUWAVE pioneered this technology using proprietary Swiss engineering and manufacturing, making it the most efficient of its class.

The SANUWAVE Profile is transforming care to a new reference standard.

Top Sports Med clinicians have been using the SANUWAVE for years on injured star athletes, observing unprecedented acceleration of recovery times. As clinical successes acrue, SANUWAVE Profile is becoming widely understood to have a profound advantage, often making the difference of who plays, and who stays in rehab. Discover, first hand, what this difference can mean to you. There is no substitute for experience, so contact us now to get started!

The Sanuwave Profile is an FDA-Listed Class I Medical Device. Designed and built in Switzerland.

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Reviews From Sanuwave Users

Client Testimonials

Cleveland Guardians Baseball Testimonial

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